Monday, April 18, 2011

Kelli's Kawaii Pocket Diaper Review

It is kind of ironic that I am doing a diaper review when I have only technically been cloth diapering for one week, but I represent the moms out there who are new at this whole cloth diapering thing!

My diaper review will focus on areas that I find important as a newbie to the cloth diapering world:
Cost, Reliability, Ease of Use, Fit, and Cuteness.
I will give a little background of my experience with the diaper and I will rate each category from MY perspective as a user. No research, no big fancy case report, just my experience. I will rate each category on a scale of ONE (bad) TO FIVE (awesome) and I will total the categories up for a GRAND TOTAL SCORE OUT OF 25. I hope the readers find this system easy to compare and contrast different brands!

Here is my review of Kawaiis:

Background: When I decided to get into cloth diapering, I decided to go with Kawaiis as a beginner. They are very similar to disposables. I bought 5 Kawaiis to begin my stash of diapers, so these are the diapers that I use on a daily basis as of now.

Cost: This is one of the MAJOR reasons I decided to go with Kawaiis when I began to Cloth Diaper. I needed cheap diapers that would be functional. When I first saw how cheap Kawaiis were compared to other diapers I wondered, "Okay, what is the catch?" Most other diapers seemed to be $15+ while Kawaiis were HALF of that! These diapers are great for new cloth diaperers because they allow you to test the waters and get a feel for it without spending a fortune!

Reliability: I have had NO problems with leaks in these diapers. In fact, they are better than disposables in my opinion. Eli has gone up to 14 hours overnight in the "Goodnight Heavy Wetter" option of Kawaiis and I have allowed him to go 5 hours during the day... all without leaks! The good thing about these is that they all come with two inserts (the absorbent pads that you put inside the pocket), so if you have a heavy wetter you can just put in two inserts.

Ease of Use: Kawaiis come with either vecro or snaps to fasten the diaper. No pins needed. This makes it easy to do diaper changes and get a good fit. After washing the diaper you "stuff" the pocket area with an insert which absorbs the waste. Some may consider "stuffing" diapers an extra chore, but it is really easy for me and I don't think of it as a hassle. The snap fasteners took a while to get used to and the more that you use them, the easier and quicker you will get at it. The velcro fasteners are VERY easy to use and make it very easy to get a good fit on your baby. However, I have had problems with the velcro's stitching coming loose and fraying (I'm about to send those back to the company and have them replaced though!)

Fit: When comparing disposables to Kawaii cloth diapers, you will look at your baby and think their butt looks HUGE!!! Cloth diapers add bulk, in my opinion there is no way around it! This is why we call babies in cloth "fluffy butts"! Kawaiis are pretty bulky and the amount of fabric between their thighs seems like a lot, but it allows for FULL coverage! The fit on Eli is great! They are like high-rise woman's jeans! They rise high enough on both his back and tummy so that there has not been any diaper blow outs! They also fit perfectly on his thighs. The snaps on the body of the diaper allow for you to adjust this area so it fits snuggly. I need to add that Eli has very chunky legs, but is very slim in other areas of his body. Every baby is different, so you won't really know about fit until you try it for yourself!

When it comes down to it, cloth diapers are just way more cute than your generic disposable diaper! You get to pick out colors, patterns, prints, and textures! It makes diaper shopping fun! I must admit that I don't think Kawaiis offer the biggest selection of styles, but there are still plenty to choose from! I have often seen a lot cuter and original prints from different brands of diapers. You also can not custom choose fabrics with Kawaiis, there is a limited selection. most of my stash are solid colors because when I went to order mine a lot of their cute prints were back ordered.

Grand Total: I love my Kawaiis. They are a great beginner diaper and they have made my transition into cloth easy! They are simple to use and VERY affordable for the average mom. I highly recommend them to any newbies out there!

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