Monday, April 18, 2011

Kat's Kawaii Pocket Diaper Review

After many (many, many, many) hours of research as to what diapers to try first, I finally decided on Kawaii's. They are the only diapers we use (as of now) and we have been using them for the past 7 months.

We will start off with a review on all things diaper related (fit, cost, reliability) and then rate them on a scale of 0-5 (0 being "very much dislike" and 5 being "everything I've ever wanted in a diaper")

This particular review will cover all of the diapers in one group as my experience has been they all work the same whether they be the Bamboo Minky, Goodnight Heavy Wetter, etc. The difference is in the closure and it is addressed below:

Type: Kawaii OS Pocket

Fit: I am and always have been a very big fan of the way Kawaii's fit. Though not the trimmest of diapers they don't add so much bulk that you have to go up a size in your child's clothing (something that really turns me off of a diaper). They fit nicely around the stomach and throughout the thighs and legs. One thing I would like to see Kawaii incorporate into their diapers is leg gussets. This is the only thing I see worth changing with these diapers.

Cost: Priced only at $6.25-$11.20 (currently) this is a STEAL! You could cloth diaper your child from birth to potty training for as little as $75.00. The fact that they are OS (one size) and each diaper comes with two bamboo or microfiber inserts makes this deal all the sweeter. Short of making your own diapers and covers you will be hard pressed to find a better priced diaper.

Reliability (snap): I have used this diaper both during the day and at nighttime with minimal to no leaks. Providing that I have made sure to put it on my child correctly and have no gaps between the liner and the diaper he could stay in it all night (12 hours) and wake up with dry clothes. I am very very pleased with the reliability of this diaper. There is nothing I would change.

Reliability (velcro): I am very disappointed in this diaper. I can only keep my child in it for a maximum of 1 hour and a half before it leaks. I have tried everything I can think of to make it perform as good as it's counterpart with the snap closure. I have added more liners, taken away liners, secured looser, secured tighter and all to no avail. This diaper LEAKS in a very big way. It does contain poop though. I have never had a blowout or poop leak from this diaper, but it CANNOT contain pee for any significant amount of time.

Ecology: Kawaii diapers are 100% organic and contain no harmful substances. The liners are made from bamboo and microfiber. Kawaii's goal is to "reduce consumption of non earth-friendly items and simultaneously offer an alternative toward a more natural choice of products in the living and parenting world that is better for the planet. "

Overall I feel comfortable rating the Kawaii OS pocket diapers with Snap closure at a firm 5. I don't believe I could be any happier with a diaper and I whole-heartedly recommend it!

Overall I feel comfortable rating the Kawaii OS pocket diapers with Velcro closure at a 2.5. While the cost, fit and ecology are all 5's- if the diaper is not reliable at keeping the contents safe inside it is of little use to me. I would not recommend this diaper.

You can find more Kawaii products at:

The staff and customer service there are excellent! You will not be disappointed :)


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