Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello Readers,

Thanks for taking the time out to come and visit our cloth diapering blog :) I'm Katryn, mom to a big bundle of boogers, Gideon!

Unlike fellow bloggers, Kelli and Amy, I am the epitome of The Lazy Mom. I will always mostly chose the easiest and cheapest route when it comes to cloth diapering. Gideon has, like Max, been in cloth diapers from the day he came home from the hospital. Here is a little background on why we chose to CD (cloth diaper) and how it works for us:
My best friend gave birth to her little bundle of love exactly 9 months before I had Gideon. She is the one who first introduced me to CDing. Like Kelli, I was of the mindset that no one really did that anymore. Why would they when we now have the "ease" of disposables? That certainly was not the lifestyle for me and I thought no more of it. Now this post could end here and that would be the end of the story except you know that that did not happen and so you must also know that I did give it more thought! After watching my friend change her daughter's diapers with such swift ease and NO mess I decided maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I began researching CDs and QUICKLY became very overwhelmed. There are more acronyms in the cloth diapering world than there are words to make up said acromyms (or so it would seem). Now, I can't tell you how many different ways there are to fold a flat and I can't tell you if WAHMs are better than store bought- but, what I can tell you is what works for us and why we chose what we did.

After realizing how many different diapers there are and double that many differing opinions I decided to start with one and work by process of elimination. I knew 2 things from the research that I did do: 1) I wanted pockets and 2) I wanted to get lots of bang for a little bit of buck.
Luckily for us, the first diapers we ever tried were without doubt the ones for us. I won't go into why they work for us in this post as this is more an introductory post than anything. I will tell you that it is not as difficult as it seems and you can do it! The benifits from cloth diapering are truly wonderful and while it is definitely not for everyone, I do believe that everyone should at least give it some amount of thought.

I look forward to sharing our experiences with you and hope that you come away from here having learned at least something! and to go along with the theme of Kelli and Amy's closing:


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